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Chicago’s Ashland & Division area is a vibrant neighborhood that offers a mix of cultural attractions, dining options, and convenient public transit. With its proximity to the Blue Line and multiple bus routes, it is an accessible location for both residents and visitors. The following article provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the public transit around Ashland & Division, as well as exploring the neighborhood’s local offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • The Ashland & Division (Blue Line) (South) stop, code 6024, is a central hub for public transit in the area, with the first bus, line 9, starting at 5:04 AM and the last at 4:49 AM.
  • Several bus and ‘L’ stations are within walking distance, including Division & Ashland (East), Ashland & Milwaukee (North), and the nearby Division and North/Clybourn ‘L’ stations.
  • The neighborhood is easily accessible with a variety of transportation options, and it is known for its local attractions, dining experiences, and community services, making it a lively and convenient area to visit or reside in.

Navigating Public Transit Around Ashland & Division

Navigating Public Transit Around Ashland & Division

Key Bus and ‘L’ Stations Near Ashland & Division

The Ashland & Division area is a hub for Chicago’s public transit, with multiple bus and ‘L’ lines providing convenient access for commuters and visitors alike. The Blue Line’s Division station is the primary ‘L’ stop for the neighborhood, located just a short walk from the intersection of Ashland and Division.

Bus routes that serve this area include:

  • 56 (Milwaukee Avenue)
  • 70 (Division Street)
  • 9 (Ashland Avenue)

Nearby train lines include the UP-N (Union Pacific North) and UP-NW (Union Pacific Northwest), with Clybourn station being a notable nearby stop.

Proximity to these transit options makes the Ashland & Division area highly accessible and reduces the need for personal vehicles, contributing to a more sustainable urban environment.

Schedules and Timings for Ashland & Division Stop

The Ashland & Division (Blue Line) (South) stop operates with a schedule that accommodates early risers and night owls alike. Starting with the first bus of route 9 at 5:04 AM, the service runs until the last bus at 4:49 AM the following day. For those who prefer the express service, the X9 Ashland Express offers additional southbound trips to 74th/Ashland in the morning until 10:35 AM and in the evening until 7:45 PM.

The convenience of public transit at Ashland & Division is evident in its frequent and extended service hours, ensuring that commuters and residents have reliable transportation options throughout the day.

Below is a snapshot of the bus services available near the Ashland & Division (Blue Line) (South) stop:

  • Division & Ashland (Blue Line) (East): Route 70 – Division
  • Ashland & Milwaukee (Blue Line) (North): Route 9 – Ashland, Route X9 – Ashland Express
  • Milwaukee & Division (SE): Route 56 – Milwaukee

Please note that precise hours of service may vary depending on your location along the route.

Directions to Ashland & Division (Blue Line) Stop

Reaching the Ashland & Division (Blue Line) (South) stop is straightforward whether you’re coming by bus, train, or the ‘L’. The stop’s code is 6024, and it’s a hub for various CTA lines. For those preferring the bus, nearby stops include Division & Ashland (East) and Ashland & Milwaukee (North).

To assist with your journey, consider using apps like Moovit, which provide current schedules and step-by-step transit directions. The first bus arrives at 5:04 AM and the last at 4:49 AM, ensuring early birds and night owls alike can find their way.

Proximity to the stop is key for a hassle-free commute. The closest stations are just a minute’s walk away, with others like North/Clybourn and Clybourn being a longer stroll. Plan your trip with ease, knowing these details:

  • Division & Ashland (Blue Line) (East) is 28 yards away, 1 min walk.
  • Ashland & Milwaukee (Blue Line) (North) is 58 yards away, 1 min walk.
  • Milwaukee & Division (Se) is 77 yards away, 2 min walk.
  • Division is 974 yards away, 12 min walk.
  • North/Clybourn is 1235 yards away, 15 min walk.
  • Clybourn is 1678 yards away, 20 min walk.

Exploring the Neighborhood: Ashland & Division in Focus

Exploring the Neighborhood: Ashland & Division in Focus

Local Attractions and Landmarks

Ashland & Division is a vibrant area rich in history and culture, offering a plethora of attractions that cater to both residents and visitors alike. The neighborhood’s commitment to preserving historic structures and providing green spaces is evident in the proposed establishment of a new park. This initiative aims to open up the waterfront site to the public, ensuring the conservation of wildlife habitats and the creation of recreational trails.

The envisioned park is not just a boon for local ecology and leisure but also a potential driver for economic growth and educational opportunities.

Local landmarks that have recently gained attention include the Phebe and John Gray House, which has been officially recognized for its historical significance. The area is also buzzing with news of urban development, such as the expansion of the East Garfield Park Art Gallery and the relocation of a Fulton Market meatpacker, promising to enrich the community’s fabric.

Recent News Highlights:

  • City offers over 350 lots for private purchase.
  • Landmark status granted to Irving Park’s Phebe and John Gray House.
  • TIF funding approved for three new park projects.
  • Property tax incentive supports local business relocations.

Dining and Entertainment Options

The intersection of Ashland & Division is a vibrant hub for foodies and entertainment seekers alike. The Hottest New Restaurants in Chicago have made their home here, with innovative dining experiences popping up regularly. One such example is the Mano Modern Cafe, known for its eclectic rice bowls and plans for future dinner pop-ups.

For those looking to unwind after work, the Golden Hour at Epiphany Center for the Arts offers an enchanting experience with free live music, complemented by enticing specials such as $4 craft beers and half-priced bottles of wine. The atmosphere is perfect for both winding down and gearing up for the night ahead.

The Bistro at Courtyard stands out as a versatile spot, serving refreshing breakfast choices in the morning and a variety of dinner and cocktail options in the evening. Specialty beverages made with Starbucks coffee are also available to kickstart your day.

Whether you’re in the mood for a casual drink or a full-fledged gastronomic adventure, Ashland & Division’s dining scene caters to all tastes and occasions.

Accessibility and Community Services

The Ashland & Division area is committed to inclusivity, ensuring that all community members, including those with disabilities, have access to services and amenities. Public spaces and transportation options are designed with accessibility in mind, offering features such as lowered electrical outlets, accessible vanities, and hearing accessible rooms and kits.

The neighborhood’s dedication to accessibility extends to its public buildings and meeting spaces, which are fully accessible, and service animals are warmly welcomed.

Local government and community services provide a wealth of resources for residents and visitors alike:

  • Code of conduct
  • Public notices
  • Meetings
  • Freedom of information
  • Inspector General
  • Press releases

Additionally, the area caters to a diverse group including job seekers, students, and parents, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met and their voices heard.


In summary, the Ashland & Division (Blue Line) (South) stop, with its stop code 6024, is a pivotal point in Chicago’s public transit network, offering early morning to late night connectivity through the CTA’s lines. Its accessibility from various parts of the city, as seen with travel times ranging from 24 to 80 minutes, underscores its importance for daily commuters and visitors alike. The proximity to other major ‘L’ stations like Division and North/Clybourn, as well as nearby bus and train stations, ensures that travelers can easily transition between different modes of transportation. Whether you’re a resident navigating the daily commute or a tourist exploring the vibrant city of Chicago, the Ashland & Division stop serves as a reliable and convenient hub within the urban mobility landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours for the Ashland & Division (Blue Line) (South) stop?

The first bus line to this stop, line 9, begins at 5:04 AM, and the last line also line 9, runs until 4:49 AM.

How can I find the current schedule for the Ashland & Division (Blue Line) (South) stop?

You can download the Moovit App to find the current schedule and step-by-step directions for bus, Chicago ‘L’, or train routes that pass through the Ashland & Division (Blue Line) (South) stop.

What are some nearby bus and ‘L’ stations to Ashland & Division (Blue Line) (South)?

Nearby bus stops include Division & Ashland (Blue Line) (East), Ashland & Milwaukee (Blue Line) (North), and Milwaukee & Division (Se). Nearby Chicago ‘L’ stations include Division and North/Clybourn.

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