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Chicago’s Kedzie Avenue is a vibrant and dynamic area that presents numerous real estate opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike. From bustling commercial zones to peaceful residential streets, Kedzie Avenue offers a diverse range of properties. This article delves into the real estate prospects along Kedzie Avenue, focusing on current listings, property values, zoning regulations, and the lifestyle of living near 11136 S Kedzie Avenue.

Key Takeaways

  • Kedzie Avenue in Chicago is a prime location for real estate investment, with a variety of properties available for rent or purchase, including apartments, condos, and single-family homes.
  • The area around 11136 S Kedzie Avenue offers excellent amenities, including accessible transportation options with the Kedzie Orange Line station, and local schools like Cassell Elementary and Morgan Park High School.
  • Real estate values in the vicinity of Kedzie Avenue are diverse, with recent listings showing a range of prices and property types, highlighting the area’s potential for both residential living and investment opportunities.

Exploring Real Estate Opportunities at Chicago’s Kedzie Avenue

Exploring Real Estate Opportunities at Chicago's Kedzie Avenue

Current Listings and Property Values

The real estate landscape along Kedzie Avenue is as dynamic as Chicago’s diverse economy. With a mix of residential and commercial properties, the area offers a variety of opportunities for potential buyers and investors. Recent data indicates a steady increase in property values, reflecting the city’s economic growth and the community’s vibrant lifestyle.

The average home estimate on Kedzie Avenue currently stands at $592,794, marking a modest rise of $6,206 since its last sale in March 2024.

Properties in the vicinity of Kedzie Avenue are selling with an estimated earnings potential of around $88K when listed through platforms like Redfin. The market is competitive, with homes going pending within an average of 72 days. Below is a snapshot of the current real estate offerings:

Property Type Average Estimate Days on Market
Homes $592,794 72
Condos TBD TBD

Buyers and sellers can benefit from the area’s robust infrastructure, including the availability of essential services such as electricity, solar savings options, and internet connectivity. The local real estate market is supported by a calendar rich in cultural events, enhancing the appeal of properties in this locale.

Zoning Regulations and Investment Potential

Kedzie Avenue, with its diverse zoning designations, offers a variety of real estate opportunities. The RT-4 zoning at 11136 S Kedzie Avenue permits a range of uses from single-family to multi-family residences, as well as short-term rentals and commercial ventures. Investors and developers can capitalize on this flexibility to create tailored property solutions that meet the demands of Chicago’s dynamic market.

The strategic location combined with versatile zoning regulations makes properties along Kedzie Avenue a compelling choice for both residential and commercial development.

Understanding the zoning implications is crucial for assessing investment potential. Here’s a quick overview of the property at 11136 S Kedzie Avenue:

  • Zoning: RT-4
  • Permitted Uses: Single-Family, Two-Family, Multi-Family, Short-Term Rentals, Commercial
  • Lot Size: 3,810 Sq. Ft.
  • Building Type: Multi-Family (2-4 Unit)

With the current market trends, properties in this zone have seen a steady increase in value, making it an opportune time for investment. The recent sale of 11136 S Kedzie Avenue at $592,794 reflects a positive growth trajectory in the area.

Transportation and Accessibility Features

Kedzie Avenue is a vital corridor in Chicago, offering robust transportation options that cater to residents and visitors alike. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) provides comprehensive travel information, including schedules, routes, and real-time updates for both buses and trains. This ensures that navigating the city from Kedzie Avenue is convenient and efficient.

Accessibility is a key focus for the CTA, with ongoing investments to improve infrastructure and services. For instance, the Harold Washington Library-State/Van Buren station, while currently facing an elevator outage, is indicative of the city’s commitment to maintaining and upgrading access for all individuals.

Kedzie Avenue’s connectivity is further enhanced by its proximity to various CTA bus routes, such as #47, #51, #52, and #52A, which provide seamless connections to other parts of the city.

For those preferring personal or alternative modes of transport, the area also supports bike & ride facilities and park & ride options, accommodating a range of preferences and needs.

Schools and Educational Institutions Nearby

The area surrounding Chicago’s Kedzie Avenue offers a variety of educational opportunities within the City of Chicago School District 299. For families considering the vicinity of 11136 S Kedzie Avenue, the local schools play a pivotal role in the decision-making process.

The proximity to reputable schools adds to the appeal of the neighborhood, enhancing the residential experience for families.

Here’s a snapshot of the nearby schools:

  • Cassell Elementary School: Public, Grades K-8, located just 0.2 miles away.
  • Morgan Park High School: Public, Grades 7-12, approximately 1.8 miles from the area.

These institutions reflect the community’s commitment to education, with Cassell Elementary providing a foundational learning environment for younger students, and Morgan Park High School catering to the older students’ academic and extracurricular needs.

Living in the Vicinity of 11136 S Kedzie Avenue

Living in the Vicinity of 11136 S Kedzie Avenue

Neighborhood Walkability and Transit Options

The vicinity of 11136 S Kedzie Avenue boasts a Walk Score of 77/100, indicating a very walkable neighborhood where most errands can be accomplished on foot. The Transit Score is 40/100, suggesting some transit options are available, although they may not be as frequent or convenient as in other areas.

Residents enjoy a variety of transportation modes, with numerous bus routes and alerts ensuring connectivity. The area is also rated as bikeable, with a Bike Score of 66/100, making it a viable option for commuting or leisure rides.

Accessibility to public transportation is further enhanced by the presence of regional transit authorities such as Metra (commuter rail) and Pace (suburban bus), which complement the services provided by the Chicago Transit Authority. The table below summarizes the key transit features:

Feature Score Description
Walk Score 77/100 Very walkable
Transit Score 40/100 Some transit
Bike Score 66/100 Bikeable

For those considering the environmental aspects, the area has minimal risk factors for flood and fire, and a moderate heat factor, indicating some exposure to rising temperatures. This blend of walkability, transit options, and environmental considerations makes the neighborhood an attractive choice for many.

Local Amenities and Attractions

The vicinity of 11136 S Kedzie Avenue boasts a variety of local amenities and attractions that cater to the needs and interests of its residents. Convenience and community engagement stand as the cornerstones of the neighborhood, with easy access to essential services and leisure activities.

  • Transportation: Residents benefit from comprehensive travel options, including bike & ride facilities, park & ride conveniences, and robust public transit systems.
  • Community Resources: The area is rich in community-focused amenities such as public notices, meetings, and resources for people with disabilities, students, and parents.
  • Recreation and Culture: A commitment to cultural enrichment is evident through public art initiatives, historical calendars, and performance spaces.

The strategic location of this neighborhood not only provides practicality but also enriches the lives of its inhabitants through a blend of utility and culture.

  • Business and Improvement: The local economy is supported by diverse business opportunities, from advertising to real estate leasing/sales, alongside significant improvement projects like the Red Line Extension and the All Stations Accessibility Program.

Comparative Market Analysis of Similar Homes

When considering the sale or purchase of a property in the vicinity of 11136 S Kedzie Avenue, a comparative market analysis (CMA) is essential. Recent sales data indicates a dynamic market, with homes selling between $370K to $710K, reflecting a diverse range of property values in the area.

The market in Mount Greenwood, where this property is located, is somewhat competitive. Properties typically sell for around 1% below the listing price and go under contract within approximately 49 days.

Here’s a quick snapshot of nearby sales:

Address Sold Price Beds Baths Sq Ft Lot Size Age
10533 S Maplewood Ave $710,000 5 4 3,100 Larger Older
2650 W 103rd St $390,000 5 2 1,500 Older
2626 W 96th Pl $274,999 5 2

The Redfin Estimate for the property at 11136 S Kedzie Avenue has increased slightly to $592,794, showing a stable appreciation over time. This estimate, along with the comparative sales, provides a solid foundation for understanding current market conditions.

Selling Your Property: Insights and Estimates

When considering the sale of your property at 11136 S Kedzie Avenue, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the market dynamics and potential earnings. Redfin’s data suggests that homes in the Far Southwest Side real estate market typically go pending in 72 days, indicating a relatively brisk pace for property transactions in the area.

With the right strategy, sellers can optimize their home’s visibility and appeal to attract serious buyers quickly.

Here’s a snapshot of the estimated earnings when selling with Redfin:

Service Offered Estimated Earnings
Redfin Premier $88,000

Additionally, it’s important to consider the buyer agency compensation, which is typically around 2.5% minus $395 of the gross sale price. This information can be vital when calculating your net proceeds from the sale. Sellers should also be aware of the various selling options available, such as Redfin Full Service, and choose the one that aligns with their goals and preferences.


The exploration of Chicago and Kedzie avenues reveals a dynamic real estate landscape, with a variety of housing options ranging from apartments for rent to condos and homes for sale. The Kedzie Orange Line station enhances the area’s connectivity, offering convenient transit options alongside ample bike parking and park & ride facilities. Property values in the vicinity show a wide range, reflecting the diverse offerings in terms of size, amenities, and price points. The presence of schools like Cassell Elementary and Morgan Park High School adds to the neighborhood’s appeal for families. With a high walk score, the area promises a comfortable urban living experience with the potential for a strong investment return, as evidenced by the estimated sale prices of nearby homes. Whether one is looking to invest in property, find a new home, or simply explore the vibrant Chicago housing market, the intersection of Chicago and Kedzie avenues stands as a significant hub of opportunity and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current real estate market like near Kedzie Avenue in Chicago?

The real estate market around Kedzie Avenue offers a variety of housing options, from apartments for rent to condos and single-family homes for sale. Property values vary with recent listings showing a range of prices from around $200,000 to over $500,000. The market is competitive with homes and apartments featuring different amenities and sizes to cater to diverse needs.

What are the transportation options available near Kedzie Avenue?

Kedzie Avenue is well-serviced by public transportation, including the Kedzie Orange Line station at 4900 S. Kedzie Ave., which provides elevated train services. There are also multiple CTA bus routes such as #47, #51, #52, and #52A. For those who drive, there’s a Park & Ride facility available. The area has a Walk Score of 77/100, indicating high walkability, and a Transit Score of 40/100, suggesting some transit options are available.

Can you provide information about schools near 11136 S Kedzie Avenue?

The vicinity of 11136 S Kedzie Avenue falls within the City of Chicago School District 299. Nearby educational institutions include Cassell Elementary School (K-8) located just 0.2 miles away and Morgan Park High School (7-12) at a distance of 1.8 miles. The schools’ proximity contributes to the family-friendly nature of the neighborhood.

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