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Chicago, a vibrant city with a rich cultural tapestry, is also home to a diverse array of talk shows and podcasts that cater to a wide range of interests. From sports enthusiasts to business professionals, there’s something for everyone in the Windy City’s auditory landscape. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most prominent talk shows and specialized podcasts that have become staples for Chicagoans and beyond, offering insights, entertainment, and in-depth discussions on topics that resonate with the local and national audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Chicago is a hub for a variety of talk shows and podcasts, with content ranging from sports commentary to business insights.
  • Prominent shows like the ‘Bernstein & Rahimi Show’ and ‘Chicago Tonight’ provide daily content that engages with a broad listener base.
  • Specialized sports podcasts, including those dedicated to Chicago’s major sports teams, are a testament to the city’s passionate sports culture.

Prominent Chicago Talk Shows and Podcasts

Prominent Chicago Talk Shows and Podcasts

Bernstein & Rahimi Show

The Bernstein & Rahimi Show is a staple in Chicago’s sports talk scene, offering a blend of insightful commentary, listener interaction, and a touch of humor. With Dan Bernstein and Leila Rahimi at the helm, the show has become a go-to source for sports fans across the city. The executive producer, Jay Zawaski, ensures that each episode is packed with quality content, making it one of the best Chicago podcasts to tune into.

The show’s dynamic and engaging approach to sports talk has earned it a loyal following and a reputation for being both fun and smart.

Listeners can catch the show daily, with an average episode length of 43 minutes, perfect for a commute or a workout session. For those looking to join the excitement in person, there’s an upcoming event: Chicago’s Home Opener Watch Party presented by BetMGM. Fans can join Bernstein, Holmes, and Rahimi for a live pregame broadcast at Slugger’s Sports Bar and Grill.

Sports Talk Chicago

Sports Talk Chicago delves into the heart of the Windy City’s sports scene, offering a comprehensive look at the major sports teams that define the city. Hosted by Jon Zaghloul, an MLB and NFL accredited writer, the show provides a unique blend of opinion and analysis that resonates with Chicago sports enthusiasts.

Each episode not only features Jon’s insightful commentary but also includes profile interviews with special guests from the sports world. These guests, ranging from athletes to analysts, contribute their own perspectives, enriching the discussion and bringing additional depth to the analysis of Chicago’s sports news.

The show’s dedication to covering all five of Chicago’s major sports teams ensures that no stone is left unturned in the quest for in-depth sports coverage.

Listeners can expect a new episode every week, with an average length of 54 minutes, making it both a consistent and substantial source of sports information. The show’s popularity is evident in its following, with thousands tuning in to catch the latest episode and stay updated on the pulse of Chicago sports.

Chicago Tonight

Chicago Tonight offers a deep dive into local news, arts, and entertainment, providing a platform for thoughtful analysis and meaningful discussion. With a focus on in-depth reporting, the show has become a staple for residents seeking to stay informed about the complexities of the Windy City.

  • In-depth local news coverage
  • Arts and entertainment features
  • Thoughtful analysis and discussions

This show stands out for its commitment to exploring the nuances of Chicago’s vibrant culture and the issues that shape the city’s dynamic landscape.

Chicago Business Podcast

The Chicago Business Podcast offers a unique platform for leading executives to share their journeys, current business initiatives, and insights into the pace of innovation. With in-depth interviews and discussions, this podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the business landscape of Chicago.

  • Interviews with leading executives
  • Discussion on business initiatives
  • Insights into innovation

The podcast serves as a conduit for professionals to gain knowledge and stay updated on the evolving business dynamics in Chicago.

Listeners can easily access the podcast on various platforms, ensuring they never miss an episode of this insightful series. The Chicago Business Podcast stands out as a beacon of knowledge for the business community in the Windy City.

Specialized Sports Podcasts in Chicago

Specialized Sports Podcasts in Chicago

Chicago Bears Podcasts

For die-hard fans of the gridiron, Chicago Bears podcasts offer an immersive experience into the world of their favorite NFL team. These podcasts provide a blend of expert analysis, team news, and fan perspectives, ensuring that listeners are well-informed and entertained throughout the year.

  • The Official Audio of the Chicago Bears keeps fans connected with the latest developments, featuring shows like Bears All Access and the Bears Coaches Show.
  • Lifelong fans Will DeWitt and Nicholas Moreano offer a unique balance of fandom and objective analysis, dissecting every angle of Chicago Bears football.

The Chicago Bears podcasts are a testament to the passion and dedication of the Bears’ fanbase, providing a platform for in-depth discussions and insights.

With a variety of shows available, listeners can choose from a range of content styles, from the analytical to the fan-centric. Whether it’s the off-season or the heat of the playoffs, these podcasts ensure that Bears supporters are always in the loop.

Locked On Bulls | Daily Podcast On The Chicago Bulls

For those who bleed red and black, the Locked On Bulls podcast is the go-to source for daily insights and analysis. Hosted by Matt Peck and Big Dave Watson, the show caters to the true Chicago Bulls fan, offering news, recaps, and fan reactions with a commitment to quality content five days a week.

With an average episode length of 32 minutes, listeners can expect a concise yet comprehensive dive into the world of the Bulls.

The podcast’s popularity is reflected in its impressive listener base and frequent episodes, ensuring fans are always up to date with the latest happenings in the Bulls’ universe.

  • Frequency: 4 episodes/week
  • Average Length: 32 minutes
  • Platform: Available on major podcast platforms

Whether you’re looking for post-game analysis or pre-game predictions, Locked On Bulls delivers a daily dose of all things Bulls directly to your ears.

Chicago Blackhawks

For fans of the Chicago Blackhawks, there are several podcasts that stand out for their in-depth analysis and dedicated coverage of the team. The Athletic’s Mark Lazerus and Scott Powers bring their expertise to the table with the ‘Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Rinkcast,’ offering a twice-weekly look at the team’s developments.

Another notable mention is the ‘Chicago Blackhawks’ podcast from WGN Radio 720, which delivers the latest news and has a strong following, with multiple episodes each week to keep fans updated.

The Chicago Blackhawks podcasts provide a blend of expert commentary, player interviews, and game analysis, ensuring that fans are well-informed throughout the season.

For a more pragmatic approach, ‘The-Rink.com’ hosts a weekly podcast that prides itself on filtering out the noise and delivering realistic perspectives on the Blackhawks, IceHogs, and Indy Fuel.

Onto Waveland: A show about the Chicago Cubs

For die-hard Chicago Cubs fans, Onto Waveland stands out as a premier source of insightful commentary and analysis. Hosted by Patrick Mooney, Brett Taylor, and Sahadev Sharma, the podcast delves into all aspects of the team’s performance, offering a twice-weekly deep dive into the world of the Cubs.

Listeners can expect episodes that average 38 minutes, providing a perfect balance of depth without overstaying its welcome. The show’s popularity is reflected in its impressive following, with hundreds of thousands of listeners tuning in to each episode.

With a focus on quality over quantity, Onto Waveland ensures that every episode is packed with valuable content for its audience.

For those looking to stay updated with the podcast, episodes are released on a quarterly basis. This schedule allows the hosts to thoroughly prepare and deliver content that is both timely and timeless, catering to the needs of Cubs enthusiasts everywhere.


In conclusion, Chicago’s vibrant talk show scene offers a rich tapestry of content that caters to a wide array of interests, from sports and history to business and local news. With a plethora of podcasts like the Bernstein & Rahimi Show, Sports Talk Chicago, and the Chicago History Podcast, residents and enthusiasts of the Windy City can stay connected to the pulse of their metropolis. Shows like CBS2 News Chicago and Chicago Tonight ensure that listeners are well-informed about the latest developments in the city. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan, a history buff, or simply someone who wants to keep abreast of Chicago’s happenings, there’s a talk show or podcast that fits your needs. As we’ve explored the diverse offerings of Chicago’s talk show landscape, it’s clear that the city’s media personalities and podcasters are dedicated to bringing engaging and insightful content to their audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular talk shows and podcasts based in Chicago?

Some popular Chicago-based talk shows and podcasts include the Bernstein & Rahimi Show, Sports Talk Chicago, Chicago Tonight, and the Chicago Business Podcast. Additionally, there are specialized sports podcasts such as Chicago Bears Podcasts, Locked On Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks podcasts, and Onto Waveland for Chicago Cubs fans.

Where can I find in-depth sports analysis for Chicago teams?

For in-depth sports analysis, you can tune into Sports Talk Chicago, which covers all major Chicago sports teams. Locked On Bulls offers daily content on the Chicago Bulls, while Chicago Bears Podcasts provide comprehensive coverage of the Bears. Blackhawks and Cubs fans can listen to team-specific podcasts like Onto Waveland for the Cubs and various podcasts dedicated to the Blackhawks.

Are there any Chicago talk shows that cover business and politics?

Yes, the Chicago Business Podcast focuses on interviews and discussions with leading executives about business initiatives and innovation. For politics, The Fran Spielman Show features interviews with Chicago’s movers and shakers, including local leaders and policymakers.

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